We started Hwy Haul with the belief that people should be able to trade and ship goods anywhere as fast and as efficiently as possible. In today’s $800 billion trucking industry, our team is on a mission to do exactly that. Our software enables shippers and drivers to connect seamlessly so that freight can be moved anywhere, without the hassle of paperwork, phone calls, or waiting to be paid.

We’re looking for a talented Senior Product Manager to join our team in Santa Clara.

You will work with cross functional teams collaboratively and iteratively to turn complex problems into a delightful solution for our users. You will be responsible for the end-to-end software development lifecycle.

  • Facilitate the technical implementation of Hwy Haul demand-supply matching and realtime location tracking platform and evaluate feasible solutions.
  • Analyze data and suggest actionable insights with SQL, determine factors for demand-supply matching / pricing algorithm, and monitor key performance metrics.
  • Define Hwy Haul product strategy / roadmap by gathering deep insights of truck drivers, shippers, and operation teams.
  • Conduct return on investment analyses and prioritize projects.
  • Facilitate project management and lead cross functional teams to deliver software products with a relatively fast release schedule. Tools: JIRA, SQL, Google Analytics, API, Postman.
  • Minimum Education: Master’s degree in Software Management.
  • Minimum experience: Two (2) years.
  • Two (2) years of experience must include two (2) years of experience in JIRA, SQL, Google Analytics, API, Postman.
  • Employer will accept two (2) years of experience gained before or after completing Master’s degree in Software Management.
  • Employer will perform background checks.
Job Site: Santa Clara, CA

Please send resumes referencing the aforementioned job title and reference number to
Hwy Labs Inc DBA Hwy Haul,
900 Lafayette St.
Suite 307,
Santa Clara, CA 95050.