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The Shipping/Trucking industry landscape is changing significantly. 10 Trucking Companies have already filed for bankruptcies so far in 2019. The industry is suffering with severe driver shortage that is only getting worse with every passing year. Smart and forward-thinking Shippers and Carriers have now realized that adopting technology is the only way for them to thrive and excel in this cut-throat market. This coming holiday season, the Shippers will have tough time securing capacity (drivers) for their freight needs for reasons galore.

Introducing Hwy Haul – your go to partner for both ongoing and surge capacity needs. Please reply to this email if you’re interested in signing up.

What is Hwy Haul?

Hwy Haul is a digital freight marketplace of Shippers and Truckers, whereby Shippers can book loads seamlessly through our FREE web portal (and various other automated ways) and get “reliable” drivers assigned without making any phone calls. You can track your shipments real time and get alerts proactively.

Who are we?

We are a Silicon Valley based technology company founded by a high caliber former Walmart Supply Chain experts with a vision of digitizing the $800B Transportation and Trucking industry through it’s breakthrough technology developed using powerful Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Why us?

If your company does Full Truck Loads within USA and if you are looking for “reliable” carriers and drivers to haul your loads ensuring 99%+ On Time Delivery, then you should try Hwy Haul that gets you going within minutes requiring Zero integration with your current systems. You can consider Hwy Haul as your go-to partner for both ongoing as well as surge capacity needs – we are currently doing Reefers, Dry Vans and Flat Bed loads nationwide.