8 Reasons
Why Hwy Haul.

Hwy Haul provides easy and on-demand truckload shipping for your business. Keep your business rolling. Sign up for more information on our innovative freight shipping that connects shipers like you, directly with carriers.

1. Reliable Capacity

Tap into our expansive network of vetted carriers for all your TL needs, 24/7.

2. Seamless Load Booking

Hwy Haul gives shippers the power to find instant quotes and book a load in a few clicks.

3. Real-Time Visibility

Track your loads and monitor temperature in real-time, reduce anxiety.

4. Actionable Data Insights

Optimize your supply chain leveraging our data-driven insights. Reduce wait time, lower detention costs and more.

5. Temperature Monitoring

Track real-time temperature of your loads as they move across the country.

6. Route Optimization

Best route selection based on various parameters like traffic, truck maps and conditions.

7. Weather Forecast Integration

Integration with weather APIs to predict disruptions in advance and re-route accordingly.

8. Seasonal Elasticity

Smart selection of food produce to be moved in particular lanes based on produce seasonality.

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