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Maximize profits, reduce turnaround time, increase efficiency and operate with greater levels of transparency! Everyone wins — including your clients!

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We’re ready to revolutionize the shipping industry with more efficient processes and help truckers get more time at home with higher pay. Are you?

smart shipping

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Run your business from your phone and track and manage tasks With Hwy Haul, you receive free access to our unique and exclusive next-generation Shipper Portal. Where you can create, post, and track your loads from end to end.

Practical data

Paperwork is a thing of the past. You can have digital documents uploading, signature capturing, and viewing cutting edge data analytics. It is all there for you in one convenient location to access 24/7 right on your computer.

Full Visibility

The Shipper Portal will give you access to real-time safe tracking. Know where your assets, drivers, and freights are at all times. Guaranteeing on-time pickup and delivery.

smart trucking

Flexibility at your fingertips

Work from anywhere, anytime, on any device. Our free app lets you view, book, pick up and drop off loads within seconds without having to make a single phone call.

Say goodbye to dead-head shipments

You will have the ability to find and book loads instantaneously from any location. Reduce the empty miles and save on fuel and the environment.

Get paid within 24 hours

ABSOLUTELY FREE! We are committed to increasing your revenue. Our app will grant you the ability to enter your preferences on what truly matters to you. Call the shots and choose your preferred lanes and desired rate per mile.

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