Make no mistake, trucking is a major business in the U.S., bringing in a grand haul of over $700 billion in 2018 and being projected to grow year over year by 2.3% between 2019 through 2024. Despite all this opportunity, trucking and logistics are still rife with inefficiencies that are cutting into profits. Hwy Haul is a revolutionary platform that promises to cut down on these by digitalizing freight brokerage.

Technology, Data Science, and the Logistics World

The issues start at the shipper end of the spectrum. There is an ongoing trucker shortage, as well as inflexible pricing and a general lack of innovation in the Transportation industry. At the trucker end, booking a load is completely manual and painstaking and many truckers are dealing with as many as 20-30% of their miles driven being empty miles. Needless to say, the trucker’s income gets diluted due to the various intermediaries in between.

The solution to the aforesaid problems is to digitalize freight brokerage by building the right technology products for various actors in the Transportation value chain. We need to reimagine the future of Trucking industry by introducing efficiencies through the application of Data Science, Machine Learning and Optimization Algorithms.

Hwy Haul has developed the following product offerings for the key users in the Transportation lifecycle:

  • Shipper Portal: For Shipping Enterprises to create and track freight end to end.
  • Driver App: For Truckers to book and deliver loads without making any phone call.
  • TaaS (Transportation as a Service): State of the art backend system.

Meet the Hwy Haul Team

In order to tackle some of these entrenched issues, it’s essential to have a team that is well-versed in logistics. Here’s a little more information about the leadership that’s ready to digitalize brokerage.

Syed Aman — Co-founder and CEO

Aman is a seasoned technologist and leader who has a passion for simplifying complex problems using technology and data science. He has prior experience at Walmart and GAP where he built various products in logistics and supply chain domains and brought them to scale.

Sharan Grewal — Co-founder and CTO

Sharan is a natural expert when it comes to tech, including creating large-scale applications such as Hwy Haul. He too has previous experience at Walmart and Wells Fargo where he successfully architected, built and scaled technology products ground up.

Zahed Khan — Co-founder and COO

Zahed is a seasoned veteran of the logistics world, having started and developed several businesses in shipping and trucking logistics. Before joining Hwy Haul he owned a fleet of trucks and a distribution center servicing the greater Los Angeles area.

Hwy Haul is well positioned to disrupt the Trucking and Transportation industry that will result in significant bottom-line cost savings for large shipping companies as well as smaller operations. Our vision is Connecting Enterprises to Truckers – Seamlessly! If you’re interested in learning more about Hwy Haul, visit our website at and check out our explainer video.