Gary knows the trucking business. With three decades of experience, he has a perfect driving record, no tickets, and 100% on-time delivery. And he knows what makes the tough business of trucking easier – a handful of hard candies to share along his routes, and a handheld app, Hwy Haul. The candies make people smile, and Hwy Haul helps save fuel, time, and money – which also makes people smile. Gary and other drivers use Hwy Haul to connect directly with loads. By cutting down on fuel costs and dispatch time, Gary can make his delivery efficiently and then get home to his family faster, with more cash in his pocket. 

As a former dispatcher for a 32-truck fleet himself, Gary appreciates the real-time tracking that Hwy Haul provides customers. With tracking only during the delivery, Hwy Haul gives customers the comfort of knowing where their valuable loads are, while protecting drivers’ privacy. 

And once Gary has booked and delivered his load, Hwy Haul ensures accurate fast payment. What’s not to smile about?

Hwy Haul shortens the distance between customers and drivers through direct load booking, location visibility, and seamless payment. 

Hwy Haul – shortening the distance between customers and drivers.

Our goal is Connecting Shippers to Truckers – Seamlessly! If you’re interested in learning more about Hwy Haul, contact us at