Did you know that the average American truck driver spends approximately 60 hours a week working, and on average is driving over 100,000 miles? Truck drivers are some of the most underrated and overworked employees in the US. While you may think that this has changed in the wake of 2020’s chaos (COVID-19), it hasn’t. Most truckers spend more time in their cab than they do with their own family, with approximately 120 days at home a year and the rest on the road.

In fact, 5.8% of all the jobs in the US are related to the trucking industry which moved 72.5% of all freight in 2019! With the amount of work that is done, one would think that truckers have great benefits and compensation but the average driver makes only $40,000 a year. With this being said, as American Trucker Appreciation Week is here, Hwy Haul would like to take the time to thank the drivers, carriers, and truck owners for their dedication and hard work through this tumultuous year.

We appreciate your dedication and know that this year, America would not have been able to survive without it.