Fresh produce can have a short shelf life, making it critical that shipments get to their destinations on time. Any delay or error in transportation could mean the cold chain is broken and the entire shipment is ruined. Fresh produce trucking and logistics solution companies work to ensure that foods like those crisp apples and crunchy carrots make it to the customer in time without any spoilage or degradation. Doing business with a company that offers services to keep your produce fresh throughout its journey is paramount to making sure money isn’t lost to wasted product.

In this article, we’ll look at how picking the right fresh produce trucking and logistics solution company is pivotal to the shipping process and how leading logistics providers are utilizing technology to improve efficiencies in cold chain and perishable food shipping.

What Logistics Companies Do For Shippers

A logistics company handles supply chain functions from planning to the physical movement of goods from start to finish. Shipment visibility means real-time checks are used to track and monitor information throughout the supply chain process. Customers must be able to check the current status at any time along the way, and logistics companies provide that service.

Trucking and Logistics Services

A trucking logistics company manages over-the-road transportation processes. When it comes to fresh produce, hiring an experienced company who specializes in cold chain is critical. Hwy Haul is at the forefront of utilizing technology to optimize produce shipping, from forecasting and planning to real-time visibility. A trucking logistics company can serve multiple functions:

  • Transportation: In the case of fresh produce, shipping and transportation must be quick and efficient. Any delay costs money and can destroy the entire shipment. The logistics company must be on top of this at all times. 
  • Warehousing: The logistics company should also provide safe and secure storage, with the warehouse providing the correct elements to ensure none of the goods are harmed.
  • Distribution: The logistics company properly facilitates the movement of goods, ensuring fulfillment and freight processes run smoothly. Monitoring in real-time ensures deliveries are on schedule.

Other Services

There are other areas that a reliable logistics company provides service so that the journey from the farm to the kitchen is a success:

  • Quality assurance: Proper planning and visibility throughout the operation go a long way toward a successful shipment and greatly lowers the chances of mistakes.
  • Cost savings: Anything that goes awry in a fresh produce shipment may lead to damages or rejections. Getting the goods there on time is extra crucial for perishable food and saves money that would be lost if there is spoilage.
  • Risk management: Any possible delays must be accounted for, including monitoring potential risks before and during transit.

Why Work with a Specialized Fresh Produce Trucking & Logistics Solutions Company?

Due to the many challenges of shipping fresh produce – from packaging to temperature control – working with a trusted, reliable logistics company is essential. Specialized produce logistics and trucking companies understand the complexities of this delicate freight and provide high-level solutions every step of the way: 

  • The unique needs of fresh produce: Every fruit and vegetable has unique shipping requirements to ensure that they arrive ready for sale. Produce trucking and logistics specialists understand the importance of following strict temperature regulations to keep produce in perfect condition throughout the journey. 
  • Constant monitoring: Fresh produce undoubtedly requires a higher level of monitoring than most general freight. Tracking both temperature and location in real-time ensures that shipments arrive on-time and in acceptable condition for the shelf.
  • Experienced professionals: Even established logistics companies can falter with the complexities of fresh produce shipping. Working with experienced specialists minimizes the risk of human error in handling and freight management. 

Hwy Haul is the Solution to your Fresh Produce Needs

Transporting fresh produce is an involved process that standard logistics companies simply are not suited to handle. Moving produce requires experience, knowledge, and a high level of visibility throughout the cold chain process. 

Hwy Haul is reimagining the future of fresh produce delivery, with a 99% on-time delivery rate and end-to-end digital applications to keep the cold chain running smoothly. Their combination of experience and technology gets your product there on time, delivering freshness and minimizing waste costs. Visit Hwy Haul to learn more about their customized fresh produce transportation solutions.