Can you name an industry today that hasn’t been significantly affected by technological advancements? It’s very hard to do, isn’t it? Well, freight brokerage is the latest sector to see new digital methods transform how the business sector operates.

Digital freight brokerage companies will become the future of freight brokerage, and they are here today. But just how exactly does digitizing the sector mean digital freight brokerage companies will get ahead?

That’s the question the team here at Hwy Haul has set out to answer. These are the 11 major reasons why digital freight brokerage companies are set to take over the entire industry.

1. Freight Brokerage Companies: Digital Companies Embrace Data Through Software

One key way in which digitized the process is advantageous lies in the data produced. When it comes to brokerage, there’s essential information you need to create throughout the process.

By digitizing, this data that you create, which includes simple things like informing the client when a package has been picked up, to more complex aspects like detailed bidding information, are all filtered through software.

This allows the data to be collated all in one place. In addition, it also makes the data itself easier to understand from the point of view of the customer.

2. Software Allows For Advanced Monitoring

One of the biggest bonuses that stem from using software is more advanced monitoring capabilities. By using a digital broker, you can track your delivery from pickup to dropoff, throughout the entirety of its journey.

Gone are the days when you have to inform your buyer that the package is on its way, but you’re unsure exactly where it is right this moment. This advanced monitoring is essential in the fast-paced world of today and is a major benefit to the digitized process overall.

You can pinpoint precisely where your package is, and plan accordingly. Who knows, maybe one day even the drivers of these trucks will filter through an automated system!?

3. It’s Easier To Use For the Booker

Thanks to the automated nature of the service, it’s overall much easier to use for those wanting to book freight services. All you need to do as a booker is input key information, such as the pickup and dropoff points as well as the weight of your freight.

From there, you can be seamlessly matched with a driver and your package will be taken care of. As a one-time delivery option, this is so much easier than contacting several different drivers or brokers to organize the service and obtain quotations.

4. Drivers Are Paid Quickly

A benefit for the drivers themselves as well as the customers is that they are paid promptly. They will be aware of exactly how much they’ll get for a specific job ahead of time and don’t have to wait on payments. These payments are also fully digitized.

This also helps the customer, as the payment transparency means they know exactly what they’ll be paying for the service before booking.

5. Digital Proof Of Inspection/Delivery

When it comes to freight, there is a tonne of different contracts and inspections required, including inspection of goods and proof of delivery.

With a digitized broker, you can receive all this information digitally.

This saves on paperwork, in turn saving the environment. It also makes filing considerably less complicated for the customer, as they can keep their essential paperwork safe digitally. This is doubly important during the coronavirus pandemic, as this paperwork is no-touch, meaning the virus will not spread during a transaction.

6. Removes The Middle Man

Using a digitized service completely removes the middle man of the broker from the equation. A customer is conveniently matched to a driver and the process ends up much smoother as a result.

By automating this aspect of the service, booking is cheaper and quicker to do. It’s also better for the driver as they are informed of the essential information they need to get the job done right.

7. Reduces Empty Miles

Using a well-optimized digital service can ensure you reduce your empty miles. This, in turn, will save you money in the long run, as your goods will get to their destination faster.

This is thanks to the ability to match the right drivers to the right route.

8. Better For The Environment

As we mentioned above, the ability for paperwork to be digitally filed saves on paper, but there are also other ways in which digital brokers can improve on the environment.

This reduction of empty miles reduces the overall carbon footprint emissions caused by drivers. This then has a significant positive effect on the environment and means your delivery is doing its bit for the future of the planet.

9. Reliable Drivers

All drivers working with a digital broker company will have been hired for their reliability and checked before being involved in the system. Thanks to this fact, you can trust that drivers will do a reliable job in delivering your freight.

The service also means that customers will rarely have to interact directly with their drivers, as this is handled through the automated system. This way, confusion is reduced.

10. It’s Faster To Book

Not only is the process of booking easier to do, but it’s also much faster to do. This is because everything is handled through advanced software.

You don’t have to phone up brokers to discuss your details, everything can be inputted directly into the system. You’re shown clearly what route your freight will take, and who your driver will be.

It’s more comprehensive and faster than using a traditional freight broker.

11. Repeat Orders Are A Breeze

With a digitized broker, it’s simpler than ever to repeat a freight delivery. Normally, you’d have to go through the whole long-winded process again to schedule a repeat order, including contacting your broker, receiving quotations, and other long-winded matters.

But with advanced software, your details and data will have been saved from the previous delivery. This means it’s a more streamlined process and far better for customers who plan to use the service again and again.

Where Can I Find Digital Freight Brokerage?

These are just 11 of the ways in which digitized freight brokerage companies are revolutionizing the entire industry.

If you want to know how using a digital freight broker can help you in the future, you’re already in the right place. HWY Haul is a reliable and fully provider; we can seamlessly connect you to the right driver and ensure your delivery is done quickly, cheaply, and efficiently.

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