Digital Freight Brokerage Is on the Rise: Here’s Everything You Need to Know

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There are 3.5 million truck drivers on the road in America today. The trucking industry is a staple in the American economy, and that has never been more true than what we’re seeing in our country these days.

The trucking industry has been delivering goods to the American consumer for decades. It is a $700 billion industry and yet experts believe we need almost a million more drivers on the road.

As this age-old industry is evolving, let’s talk about a new industry that’s making the delivery world by storm.

Digital freight brokerage companies are the new automated and on-demand digital company today. Not sure what this is? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Keep reading for everything you need to know about the new app that will revolutionize your shipping and delivery needs.

What Is Digital Freight Brokerage?

Freight brokerage companies are like the GrubHub of the trucking world. By using a freight brokerage app your business can connect directly with truck drivers.

And if you’re a truck driver you can use the app to connect directly with small businesses looking for efficient shipping at a low cost. It’s a win-win for all parties involved.

The system works just the way it does when you order your lunch from a delivery service such as Door Dash. You enter the size freight you need to be moved, along with the locations of pickup and delivery.

The automated digital shipper system then locates a driver available for the delivery and connects you with them. You then agree to the amount paid and they show up to pick up your delivery.

This system speeds up logistics exponentially. Trucking companies and logistics managers alike are turning to digital freight apps to speed up the communication between their drivers and their warehouses.

The process can work with entire truckloads, along with single or smaller loads, that need to go out for delivery. So whether you have a few packages that need to go out for delivery or an entire truck’s worth, you can find a delivery driver ready and able to get your package where it needs to go.

Why Your Company Needs It

The online marketplace has taken many industries by storm. Some companies have been left out in the cold, while others adapted and are thriving. And just like Netflix changed the video rental industry, so too is on-demand shipping and delivery changing the trucking industry.

If your logistics manager is still organizing deliveries through phone calls and faxes, its time to upgrade to the app that is changing the face of trucking as you know it.

Likewise, if you’re a truck driver who gets frustrated hauling empty loads, then you need to download the app today and stop wasting time with empty hauls.

In business, if you’re not adapting then you’re going to be out of business. Change is inevitable, but by taking control of the trends you can increase efficiency and improve your bottom line at the same time.

By downloading the HwyHaul app you can be connected with a driver immediately, set up the pick-up time, and monitor when the package is delivered.

You will see an immediate improvement in job satisfaction among your drivers when they see the benefits of this app. You can decrease their wait times, increase their efficiency, and cut out the miscommunication.

How to Find the Best Freight Brokerage Company

So now you know what a digital freight brokerage company does, and you’re sold on why you need it to increase efficiency and cut costs. But how do you go about finding the best company to work with?

Aside from cold-calling, you can also tap into your existing network. Who do you already work with? Who is your competition working with? Ask for referrals, build relationships, and you’ll have full load boards in no time.

Check your local area and find the best digital freight company to work with. With the advantage of big data and AI technology, freight brokerage companies can be very transparent with the shipping times, costs, and efficiency.

Don’t let your package get stuck at a dock waiting for a truck driver. If you don’t want to be stuck in the middle, then cut out the middle man by downloading a digital freight app and working directly between driver and shipper.

From Amazon Prime to Walmart, companies are ramping up their delivery services to keep up with the demand and churn of drivers.

Jump Into the New World of Digital Trucking

From truck drivers to small businesses needing to get their products in the hands of their consumers. Digital freight brokerage is changing the face of trucking as we’ve known it for the last fifty years.

If you’re still stuck in the analog days of shipping your products, download our app today and see how much more efficient it is to connect with your truck drivers immediately.

As a truck driver, stop wasting time and losing money driving an empty truck. Fill up with products needing to get to the consumer without doing any extra work on your part. Check the app, find your next delivery, and swipe your next freight delivery easily and quickly.

Have more questions? Contact us today, we built our company to solve the gap in today’s trucking industry and we can’t wait to show you how our service can revolutionize your shipping needs today.

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