The food and beverage shipping industry is a necessity for just about every human being on this planet. Without it, nearly no one eats. Food and beverage shipping logistics are how that food gets from its origin to the dinner table or restaurant. That involves the processing, packaging, shipping, and delivering of all food and beverage items. Food and beverage logistics, including the shipping of alcohol, are subject to strict regulations and a mandate that dictates full transparency. Shippers are responsible for ensuring that they follow all laws concerning the transport of food and beverage goods and the shipping of perishables at the proper temperature. 

This blog delves into why food and beverage logistics service providers are needed, poses questions you can ask when choosing a provider, and provides guidelines to evaluate which provider is right for you.

Reasons Companies Need a Food & Beverage Logistics Service

For food and beverages to come out tasting their best, they need the right mix of ingredients and an experienced hand to put it all together. The same can be said for an ideal food and beverage logistics service provider. There needs to be the right blend of expertise and experience combined with excellent speed, attention to detail, and a keen eye for error prevention. Now that we know what it takes to be an excellent provider for shipping perishables, let’s detail why you should consider such a provider as your partner.

  • Packaging and storage: Keeping products at the right temperature throughout the supply chain journey is imperative. To do that, you need optimal packaging selection and dependable temperature-controlled storage. By having a provider, you don’t need to purchase any cold storage equipment yourself and worry about having all the suitable packing materials.
  • Shipping: The right partner will have the appropriate container and the knowledge to ship your product properly and minimize quality loss. Reputable logistics companies will also optimize route selection to deliver the product as quickly as possible and limit any chance of spoilage.
  • Support and guidance: Experienced providers will dedicate an account manager to guide you through all the processes and provide support anytime. Don’t be surprised if your chosen provider even offers solutions to make things more efficient. These experts will likely be highly attuned to the supply chain and quickly be able to make adjustments when disruptions strike. 
  • Order processing: They are often an afterthought, but all of the tasks that come with processing — creating, executing, and updating orders — take up quite a bit of time when a business starts growing. You can turn over order processing to a partner with state-of-the-art technology to scale and grow with you.
  • Managing inventory: Here is another area where the latest technology can be crucial to performance. A reliable provider will have the platform and methods to control your inventory and eliminate stock miscalculations. No more surplus of unsold stock that spoils or empty shelves that cause retailers to lose sales.
  • Focus on natural products: With demand rising for natural foods and beverages, it has become essential to know how to manage natural foods. That’s where the expertise of a provider can make shipping perishables much easier and more risk-free.

Questions to Ask When Evaluating a Food & Beverage Logistics Service Company 

To find a food and beverage logistics service company that is reliable and suits your needs, you’ll want to do your research because there are plenty of providers out there. Doing that research will likely generate critical questions. Here are some essential queries you can make to get a better assessment of whether a particular provider will suit you:

  • What is their experience in the industry? 
  • What services do they offer? 
  • How do they ensure the consistency of each load?
  • What are their delivery schedules and costs? 
  • What type of tracking and communication do they offer? 
  • How is their customer service? 
  • How do they handle supply chain fluctuations or disruptions?
  • What methods do they use to comply with food safety regulatory requirements?

Guidelines to Follow When Evaluating a Food & Beverage Logistics Service Company 

Along with having your list of questions, you should have some guidelines on what a provider needs to rate highly to become your partner. Here are some of the categories that you should concentrate on:

  • References: Just like all ventures you take on, such as jobs or other business deals, it’s important to get references and not just be happy with one of them. Search out multiple contacts and see if they have concerns with some aspect of the provider.   
  • Safety record: Safety has always been the window to how a company handles itself. A perfect or near-spotless safety record shows that a provider is meticulous and has all of its processes in order. A record with multiple safety red flags shows that a provider is possibly lax in other areas.  
  • Technology and systems: A look at what type of technology and systems a provider uses can be a good sign of whether the company is keeping up-to-date. If the technology is not state-of-the-art, then they will not likely keep pace with their competitors.

Hwy Haul Can Provide a Fresh Look at Food & Beverage Logistics 

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