A freight broker is the middleman between shipping companies and carriers and is an essential part of the transportation process. There are so many variables involved in transporting goods from one location to another, it is necessary to have a broker to reduce the risk of disruption and increased costs.

But, how exactly can a freight broker benefit your business? The key is to understand all the different jobs they perform and how they fit into your transportation operations. This can then give you a competitive advantage. When you find the best partner for your business, you’ll find they become an integral part of your logistics department.

Read on to learn about the many ways freight brokers can help your business.

Saves Time

Route planning and monitoring shipment progress are time-consuming. Yet they are vital aspects of transportation. A freight brokerage ensures your goods follow the best route that gets your merchandise to their destination safely. But, it is inevitable that there will be some delays when you ship many loads each year.

In this scenario, a freight broker can contact the different operators they work with regularly. They will plan the best way to get your goods around the problem and keep your shipment on time. This can increase your customer satisfaction levels and reduce the risk of financial penalties.

Saves Money

It can be expensive to hire employees to fulfill your transportation needs. Aside from requiring expert staff who are available when your goods are in motion, there is also a huge amount of administration to fulfill.

Your team will need training to perform their duties correctly. They will also need to invoice your clients on time, follow up on late payments, and ensure your paperwork is ready for auditing.

When you work with a truck broker, they take care of these elements on your behalf. There is also no need to worry about staffing problems such as sick periods and holiday cover, as this is the brokerage’s responsibility.

As the transportation landscape evolves, there is more and more usage of expensive digital technology. Because this area moves quickly, you may need to invest considerable amounts of money. There may be regular upgrades and replacement equipment to purchase.

But, reliable freight brokers will have these systems in place and will place them at your disposal. When partnering with the right trucking brokers, you are future-proofing your logistics technology.

Network of Connections

There are a huge number of routes, carriers, and shipping companies involved in transportation. Unfortunately, it can take a long time to build up your own business network. But, freight broker options are virtually unlimited in this respect. They are in constant contact with important partners in the industry and can call on them when necessary.

This initially benefits the practical movement of goods on vehicles. But it also means you have many experts for consultation purposes. You may come across an issue that has a severe financial impact on your business or delays your goods in transit. But, it is likely there are others who have come across and resolved this problem.

Freight brokers can provide you with the most relevant advice and help you find solutions that get the best results.

Seasonal Flexibility

When you have fewer transportation options, you may experience difficulties when it comes to seasonal transportation. For example, your current partner may be unwilling to transport smaller loads for several months when demand for your product is not as high. But, a freight brokerage can identify which carriers have available space and would be willing to take your goods.

They can also find the best rates to prevent costs from spiraling out of control during your quieter business periods.

How to Choose a Freight Broker

Not all freight brokers are capable of providing the services you require. It is also important to check the standards each potential partner applies to their work. If the company has low-quality practices, this could reflect poorly on your business. Here are a few things to look out for when choosing your freight broker.

Modern Approach

It’s essential to partner with a company that keeps up to date with modern technology. You can benefit from touchless load booking and real-time visibility. There is also shift monitoring technology that alerts you should your goods move in transit.

You should also ensure you have access to temperature monitoring and trailer humidity systems. These help to keep your perishable goods in the best possible condition while they travel to your customer.

By knowing precisely where your goods are at all times and their condition, you can provide continuous updates to your customers. This is a great way to improve communication and keep customer satisfaction levels high.

Customer References

Every trustworthy freight brokerage will have a list of glowing customer reviews. They should be more than happy to reassure you of their standards and reputation. You may find that most companies have one or two negative reviews, and this is not necessarily concerning. The time to worry is if you see a pattern of complaints about similar service aspects.

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